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themed by Cherrie H.

Source: Spotify

I wear my heart on my sleeve
Don’t act like that’s a disease
Need ya’ll to bear with me please
I just say what I see
We all just chasing a dream
In the land of the free
While we paying a fee to stay on this concrete

Well, I don’t know the price of your roof
But, on the first of the month we all pay our dues
When the rain falls, it don’t rain on a few
When the sun shines, it don’t shine on just you

I don’t know the monsters you knew
But I’m tryin to forget the ones I met too.

24th Jul 2014 (9:38 pm) - By evasjournal

No wonder my cousin Vinny had to take it six times. This shit is hard.
- Law school friend as we study for the bar
If you’re fired because your boss is a jerk who doesn’t like you, the court will treat you differently than if you decided to quit your job and eat, pray, love around the world.
- Family Law lecturer on Alimony modification


Warning: This is a rant. And it’s probably going to make me seem really heartless. 

Yesterday one of my favorite IG people posted this … 

and it absolutely infuriated the hell out of me

But of course, I followed the link, which led me to this sob story:

"Hello! My name is Meg! I am a 25 year old stay at home mom to a 3 year old named Oliver and a 1 year old named Ezri, both of which have Celiac Disease. My husband works 6 days a week and sometimes 70 or more hours. Of course it barely pays our bills, specialist Dr appointments, and 100% gluten free groceries. We have only one car and its been that way for almost five years. We havent even bothered getting my license because it seems pointless with other important expences. I NEED a car for appointments almost an hour away as well as to just get out of the house with the kids. If you could please even donate one dollar, it would be more than appreciated by myself and my family. Thank you so much! Love and light!"

What really pushed me over the edge is the number of people that have actually been donating!!!

Now, this coming from the girl that cries at the sad stories on the news and is the first one to donate to the red cross when a major natural disaster strikes. But it’s one thing to buy a coffee and a bagel for the man who has fallen on hard times and is living on the street rummaging through a dumpster, or to give a few dollars to those that have been left homeless or severely affected by natural disasters like Katrina or the Moore and Joplin tornadoes. 

It is anotherthing to take to social media with your sob story and actually expect others to give you money. And you know this woman expected it because she took the time to create a damn fund raising account to collect the money.


Everyone has financial difficulties at one point or another! If your husband is working 70 hours a week and you still can’t make ends meet, get a fucking job. Get two jobs if you need to!

And it’s not like this woman’s family doesn’t have a car and her husband has to walk 10 miles uphill to work. They have a car! LOTS OF AMERICAN FAMILIES ONLY HAVE ONE CAR! 

And her kids have Celiac Disease? Ooooook .. so they can’t eat gluten! LOTS OF KIDS IN AMERICA HAVE CELIAC DISEASE! It’s not like they’re dying from Cancer and need to travel an hour to see an oncologist. I know that sounds harsh, but I literally just don’t understand what makes this woman think her situation is so goddamn special. It’s really fucking irritating.

There are MANY lower and middle class hardworking families in America, some of which don’t have two spare nickels to rub together. But you know what? Dad works. Mom works. Sometimes both work two or more jobs just to get by. Some families don’t even have ONE vehicle take get them to and from places. But they try to pull themselves up by their own goddamn bootstraps. 


I just have no sympathy and no tolerance for this kind of “begging for a handout behavior.” Because, really, there is a difference between begging for a handout when as soon as the going gets rough and asking for help when you’ve absolutely done all you can do. When you’ve spent your life savings trying to save  your terminally ill child. When everything you own has disappeared overnight. When you have absolutely nothing left but the clothes on your back. You don’t turn your back on people like that, because to help those people is only the HUMAN thing to do. 

But to beg for money on social media because one family car isn’t enough, your husband’s job isn’t enough and you don’t work, and because you’re so burdened by having to provide a gluten free diet for your kids that — in her words — “I really don’t know what to do.” … seriously?? Pull your head out.


My best friend, Amy, and I have decided that when we are lavishly rich and have children, we are not going to spoil them.

Instead, we will make them suffer through the hardships we went through when we had no money so that they learn to appreciate the value of a pretty penny. 

Growing up with two blue-collar parents, I never had the luxury of getting cars as presents for Sweet Sixteens or graduation. My parents didn’t pay my tuition, rent, books, gas money, or much of anything for that matter. If my car broke down or I lost my phone, I was SOL until I could come up with the money. Having just graduated law school, I have a MOUNTAIN of debt ahead of me due to all the loans I had to take out just to scrape by during the last seven years of my life.

I’ve always thought there was a huge difference between people that were self-made wealthy and those that were born into money and I can’t stand the latter kind. They have a kind of ignorance and inability to relate to the normal, hard-working people around them. Really though, it’s through no fault of their own. They were born wealthy and have never had to suffer or work hard for anything in their lives. If you need an example, watch an episode of Chrisley Knows Best. While I LOVE the show and think it’s rather hilarious — and I applaud Todd Chrisley for being the self-made millionaire he is — I can’t help but think that his children are SPOILED! And they are going to grow up thinking that the world owes them something.

Well, if all goes as planned and I become wealthy in time, I will not let my children grow up with that sense of entitlement and ignorance. They’re going to learn what it’s like to work hard and appreciate the value of a dollar. 

Amy feels the same way. So, when we are rich and we have children and many lessons to teach them, we figured it would make for some good entertainment. Therefore, we hope to someday start a show called My Rich Parents. It’s going to be hilarious. Keep an eye out.